What Are the Working Hours of a Lawyer in the UK?

The United Kingdom has long been a major political player in world affairs, and English is one of the world's leading languages of communication and the main language of international law. Obtaining a law degree in the UK means you'll be expertly prepared to communicate, negotiate, and transact with partners and clients around the world. Lawyers are known for working long and often grueling hours, and most lawyers work more than 40 hours a week. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most lawyers work full time, and many spend more than 40 hours a week, especially those in private offices and large firms.

The hourly expectations of a corporate lawyer at a large Manhattan law firm are likely to be higher than those of family lawyers at a medium-sized Ithaca firm. Compensation for legal services can be difficult to determine. It could include things like inconvenience, stress, cleaning, or additional heating costs. To decide on the amount of compensation to be claimed, you may need legal help from a counselor or lawyer.

Learn more about the well-being and mental health of lawyers from experts such as Paula Davis-Laack, founder and executive director of The Stress & Resilience Institute, and Jeena Cho, mindfulness educator for The Resilient Lawyer, in an episode of the Daily Matters podcast.

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