How to Check if a Lawyer Has Been Disbarred in London

If you are looking to find out if a lawyer has been disbarred from practicing law in London, England, there are a few steps you can take. First, you should record the lawyer's professional situation and address, as well as the reserved legal activities they are authorized to carry out. Additionally, you should check if they have been the subject of any disciplinary proceedings. For example, in November 2020, the New York State Court of Appeals temporarily suspended the license of Rudy Giuliani's lawyer on the recommendation of a disciplinary committee.

This was due to the lawyer attempting to mislead judges, legislators and the public by helping to guide Donald Trump's legal challenge to the results of the elections. Trump's personal lawyer had made unsubstantiated claims that the vote had been riddled with fraud and that voting machines had been manipulated. The lawyer in question, Robert Chavers, has an office located in the District of Columbia. According to lawyers specializing in disciplinary proceedings, it is rare for the court to temporarily suspend lawyers for making unethical public statements. It is more common in cases where lawyers are accused of stealing money from clients.

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